This is the story of a Catholic homeschooling/unschooling/school going family.  Mom is, well, me.  Late 30’s, high ideals, head in the clouds, dreamer, geek.  Then there’s Dad.  Early 30’s (grrr), higher ideals, latinist, liturgist.  Enter Jack.  So far 8.5, math lover, voracious reader, cautious adventurer, chef.  And Rebecca.  Just 7, creative, distracted, impulsive, SPIRITED, did I mention creative???  Then Helen.  Spunky 5, Montessori extraordinaire, contagious laughter.  Oh, and Jude.  I’m FREE (ahem, 3), head of the house, superhero in training, winner of  Most Likely to be the cause of ALL TROUBLE.  And our new arrival…….(well…..he hasn’t quite arrived yet – any day now!!).

We hang out, try to get along, and work on learning stuff.


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