Did I ever tell you…

About the time we went to Old Sturbridge Village?

002“A History Lesson You’ll Never Forget.”  Have truer words ever been spoken?

Seriously, it was awesome.  if you ever find yourself in the area (easy day trip from Boston, Worcester, Springfield, or Hartford) get thee to the Village!  We went during Homeschool days and it was great fun.  We got there when it opened and for at least 2 hours there were no other school tours going on.  Just big van families galore.  Inside, the reenactors are all friendly, knowledgeable and happy to answer your burning questions.  If you have kids who like to know everything about everything OR if you are like me (ahem, super nerdy)  and have a million questions about spinning wool into yarn or apprenticeships or blacksmithing, they will patiently answer your every question!

He's shearing it, not killing it!  I promise!
He’s shearing it, not killing it! I promise!
Shooting real musket balls into the woods.  No Redcoats were harmed during this demonstration.
Shooting real musket balls into the woods. No Redcoats were harmed during this demonstration.

022And if you get bored and you have indulgent grandparents, there’s always the gift shop where you can find all manner of bonnets that you MUST HAVE and will never again wear.  AND penny candy!!  Hooray for penny candy!  And fudge!  And stuff stuff stuff!!

I think i loved it more than the kids, but I’m really okay with that.


It’s that time again

[I apologize for the spotty formatting in this post.  I’d like to send this off but due to a certain 2 year old, I don’t have the brain to fix it]

Reporting live from my living room – It’s day one of our second week of a High Tide period in the cycle of our homeschool. We’re coming off of a period of pure, unadulterated vacation.  We did whatever we wanted pretty much without limits.  And for the kids?  That pretty much meant Minecraft.  BUT – I took deep breaths this year and saw it as just a part of our lives and not our WHOLE lives.  We also watched some pretty awesome movies with the older (10 and 9) kids.  From classics, like E.T., to brand new blockbusters like Ant Man.   There were day trips to the beach and to the water park and to the Lego Museum. Good times were had.  Memories were made.  And I think we’re all ready to switch back on that portion of our brains that deals with “academics.”

So what’s on tap for this High Tide?  I’m using Spiral Notebooks to track assignments on a weekly basis for my 4th and 5th graders this year and so far it’s working out.  Some days are more work oriented than others and that is fine.  The older two need to learn to manage their time.

For those interested, these are the books we’re using for the month one of our little Homeschool (some will only last the month, some with last 6 months)

5th Grade:

History Spine

This is an independent reading assignment.  It’s going slower than I anticipated BUT my goal this year is NOT to push this kid.  His performance anxiety gets in the way and he desperately needs a year of academic success.

This is religion at the moment.  He will also do the 5th grade Faith and Life book in CCD at our Church starting in September.  We’ll be done with this book pretty quickly, so I’m thinking some Saint biographies after this.

Science is his thing and this book so far is a success.  There are 5, I think, in the series, so we will keep moving on until he wants to quit.

Learn Math Fast Volume 1 will fill in some gaps and get us ready for harder work with fractions and decimals.  He’s a numbers guy and can do all these processes in his head – but he hates getting it all down on paper, so this is my compromise.

We are also working on Typing and his dad is starting him on Ancient Greek.  You will notice a lack of Language Arts.  This is deliberate.  We’re going to start with his strengths and gradually work on weaknesses as the year progresses.

4th Grade:

aka The Catholic Faith Comes to the Americas

Until this year we have done combined History.  But the book my 5th grader is using is beyond my 4th grader, and my 2nd grader isn’t quite up to this one.  So, finally, we divide.  This is a fairly easy read for my 9 year old, but she will enjoy it.  It will likely only last half the year, though, so I’m on the lookout for something else as well.

She will also be in the 4th grade Faith and Life book when CCD begins.  This is going to be the first independent read in a Marian year for her, I think.

Language Arts alternating weeks with Voyages in English 4

I’m told she wants to be a doctor.

So many links.  I think I’ll post 2nd grade later.  The above are reading various and sundry literature selections as well.  I’ll document them separately too.