Learning Notes Sept 2 – 5

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Sunset on a private beach?  Don't mind if I do!
Sunset on a private beach? Don’t mind if I do!

Monday – Home from vacation, lots to do and I was stuck sick in bed!  UGH!!!  How does an adult get Hand, Foot and Mouth disease???  And why o why did it hit me harder than it did the kids????  I was about to call it viral meningitis and call it a day until I woke up Tuesday feeling a bit more human.


Tuesday – With my throat sore as could be, my inclination to take on a morning of read-aloud was low.  We’re still not on a real routine and won’t be until Jude starts school on Thursday but even with that we managed to do a little Poetry reading (I even got Jack to read for us which is a REAL accomplishment!  And regardless of what HE says he is quite good at reading aloud), Handwriting (cursive books are IN and so far beloved) and Math and Phonics for Helen.  She is quite bright and takes to it easily, but she has very. little. stamina for any kind of focused work.  Instead of freaking out and pushing her (like I did Jack and Becca) I am taking deep breaths and proceeding at her pace.  For now.  We also talked a little about Labor Day tying back to an ongoing conversation we are having about paying a just wage, rights of workers to strike and how that plays out in differing environments.


Wednesday – My voice was finally back in action!  We started with Handwriting as a “warm up” to work and then moved on to Math.  I had more planned for today, but realized the kiddos all needed work on converting word problems into number sentences so we did that.  They each (FINALLY) managed a few problems on their own at their own levels (addition, subtraction, higher numbers and multiplication and division).  Even Jude got in on the fun and figured out a few easy addition sentences on his own!  Great Job, Jude!  With most of our time spent on Math this morning, I did a quick Religion review (we are using this text: http://www.olvs.org/ShopCart/InvDtl.aspx?InvId=17302&GrdId=&InvCatId= as a read aloud for all the at home kids this year) on the Blessed Trinity and we moved on to attributes of God (all-knowing, all-good, eternal, creator etc.).  I’m still not sure how much Helen is absorbing in this way, as she is bright but flighty.  Time will tell.


Thursday – Jude started back at school!  We had a great first day with our standard schedule in place.  The morning went pretty smoothly and we have adopted a new school motto,, “Take it slow and do it well.”  SO – I hit all my subjects today (Math, Handwriting, Religion, Science and Grammar) and scaled back when I sensed I was losing them.  I would have liked to move farther through the material, but if they are taking it in and absorbing it, how can I complain??  I’d rather they know one thing well than a few sketchy details here and there.  We practiced our cursive and math skills, read about the Finding of the Child Jesus in the Temple, read about the world Archimedes lived in and gained some continuing insight about those crazy Ancient Greeks and learned about the Articles a, an, and the.  Jude seems to have had a good day at school – he came home cranky but that is par for the course around here.  Everyone is always tired by mid day.  We hoped to swim today, but there was just too much cranky fighting for me to want to try and get everyone going.  Better to have a calm afternoon because tonight is SCOUTS!  And tomorrow?  Our very first Piano lessons!!


Friday – Listen.  Can you hear the steam pouring out of my ears??  I bet you can.  And why, you ask?  Well, we stood outside a locked door for 40 minutes waiting for a piano teacher who never came.  Not a good first impression.  I’m not decided if it will be his last impression as well – I will wait to hear the “explanation.”  When we came home everyone was too annoyed and cranky to try and get any work done, so we are currently moping around the house.  Jack and I watched a cool physics video: https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10204436050561637 (not sure if this link will work or not) and now the girls are doing something crafty while Jack works on an extreme finger knitting project.  This thing is long beyond long.  In my learning news – I am trying out a subscription with Creativebug.com and am currently doing a line drawing course.  It is a lot of fun and easier than I imagined.  The kids are amazed at my artistic prowess (haha!) and I kind of am too.  I’m curious to try out some of the other tutorials there.



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