Summer Lovin’

Because how can you not spend your whole summer loving up on this squishy bit of wonderful??  


The newest member of the clan!  Og, the great and powerful.  (well, Augustine)

Our summer has been worthily spent learning about babies.  They need calm and quiet. They have little toes begging to be kissed.  Their little heads must be supported.  Sometimes things must wait on their needs -and they have MANY needs.  But they come with just so much love that nothing else matters.

After a brutal pregnancy, things are stabilizing here and with that comes a resurgence of discipline and order* and reorganization of responsibilities and priorities.  I think we’re going to be working on habit formation for a bit, but that’s a-okay.  The sun is shining (most of the time) and life is (getting) calm and easy.  I’m thinking after some major clutter-clearing we shall break out a few structured academics and have a season of deliberate practice with the basics to get us back on track for the year (for me too!  I am practicing order and consistency).  

Plans for the end of summer/early fall:

Memoria Press English Grammar Recitation

Teaching Textbooks 3

Primary Language Lessons

Memoria Press Astronomy

Seton Spelling

Explode the Code Online

We also have some fun and educational art and music things set for the year.  I’m hoping to start swimming lessons for four kiddos this fall and of course Scouts starts up again soon.  

*Oh, sorry, you thought unschooling meant order and discipline were out the window?  Not in this house, my dear!